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me myself and i. [06. 04. 10|01:11 am]
Say hello to me, myself and i. hehe.
Picture Credits to Marcus!

P.s. cant wait to post up pictures taken with my new camera! woohoo! i'm SO loving it.
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shoo fly dont bother me. [05. 04. 10|03:16 pm]
i used to hail myself for having toufu skin. okay. not that i'm fair (in fact, i'm no where near yellow even) but for having smooth and errm...hair-less skin. seriously. u can barely find traces of hair on my arms and legs. so THANK God for that man.

BUT! i think i'm highly allergic to dirty stuff and BUGS. my mum used to ask me to be extra careful when gg to places with bugs and stuff cos she noticed that since young, i've always developed rashes and i always get bitten like crazy AND i used to get hives pretty often (gross stuff) AND the FIRST TIME i set foot out of singapore into malaysia to visit my relatives, half my face got bitten by some weird insect. :( AND when i went to tioman, my whole back and legs got bitten by sand flies etc..AND ugh, i dont even want to continue man.... thats why i dont like lying on the sandy beach without a mat, touching dirty things, walking on grass (cos chances are, i might get bitten by a SNAKE again!) or gg to insect infested places.. pests and i? we dont make good friends.

so back to what i was driving at....... i used to have toufu skin, but becos of the recent influx of insect bites i've gotten, i keep scratching and scratching, it starts to spread, and some ends up bleeding (cos my hands itchy, die die must scratch)... and i have tiny insect bumps on my hands and legs... And now! i have no more toufu skin!! omg! at first i thought it was mosquitoes... but now i'm starting to think it isnt... cos i just discovered a part of my thigh with like rashes on it.. its like big goose pimple clustered tgt...Disgusting la!

i'm quite used to it alr. cos like i said... i always get it... but im worried cos i dont want to ruin my skin!! as we grow older, scars get harder to heal... and i DONT WANT to end up having 10cents 20cents and 50cents marks all over my hands and legs... so SOMEONE PLS SAVE ME. is there some magical calamine lotion that can stop me from scratching? or STOP these pests from biting me? i'm very sure its insects and not dirty rash loh...

OH BURGERS. i'm feeling so u.g.l.y nowsadays. why come ah
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come fly with me. [03. 04. 10|08:53 pm]

i havent been able to decide whether or not i'm happy or sad these days.
carefree life, Income coming in, being with friends and you, an iphone and S90 as gifts... seriously, im happy things are working out. (:
but then again, i'm still having my dreadful nightmares, and i'm still bitter about certain things, angry about what my life could be...
but oh wells! i figured out that the former is much better than the latter. - less taxing on the mind.

seems like being happy is a much easier way to go! :)
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The love stories [02. 04. 10|01:56 am]

Q: "How do u hold love?" - A: "With my hands wide open, my heart ready to let go & let the other grow." #TLS

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who doesnt love free stuff [29. 03. 10|12:53 am]

So ive been working these days. some job at some research company and stuff... and im so busy i can barely breathe! actually its quite flexible.. i mean, i can go to work anytime, end anytime... but there's just so much to do. oh wells. all for the sake of money and i really dont mind hanging out there becos the ppl there are really nice. they treat me almost like one of their full time staff alr. :) and i kinda think its quite fun handling all those projects with super tight deadlines too. haha so yeah..
and another plus point: i always get to snack on free stuff and take free can drinks! haha


anyway. for 3 days last week i was at Goldwell for some hair seminar showcasing a new colouring technique... its diff from the previous hairshows i've done cos this one had like makeup artiste, fittings and stuff... and i had to do some "cat walk" too...heh. so yeah.. its quite fun. and i had so much colouring and treatment done to my hair..! its now dark brown with blonde patches, with darker blonde strips...and lighter blonde strips... hahaa i cant even tell what colour it is cos there's so much colour gg on... And for some strange reason, my hair is SOOO much softer now.  i guess it should be that way since they use reallly high quality products on our heads, and even my haircut (which has no difference) cost at least $200USD if it was done by that same guy (which i dont know his name even) back in his salon in US. heh.

i posted some pictures on twitter and FB and obviously quite a few ppl had a good laugh at my temporary bom bom hair haha but oh wells! After the 3days seminar they gave us free hair products to bring home. COOL BEANS! initially they gave me another range.. but i didnt like the smell (yes, i'm THAT ANAL) so the lady gave me another set! so nice right. Love the shampoo seriously.

oh and I'm taking part in some skin care product study too! :)
i already know who the client is, so i do feel safe using their so called "product X" haha and since its held at my office and i have to be there everyday, i might as well pop by and earn some money right. hehe i get paid $300 for testing their product and allowing them evaluate my face etc.. not bad huh. :)

Lastly! i brought home some free stuff from the office too! just some of the perks of working there; bringing home left overs. hehe and the two tubes in the middle are actually some product that is set to be launched in july but the client came and gave all the staffs to try it first! so yay. :)

poor ppl like me love free stuff. xoxo. :)

And finally... here are the last few remains of my eyelash extensions. haha FINALLY it all came out. zzz

its damn gross la..
and i'm quite sad. cos 1. i honestly really liked it when i had it. its like instant eyeliner when u wake up..so preettty.. HAHA and 2. i think a good half of my real lashes came out together with the fake ones.. so i hereby CONFIRM that the myth about losing ur real lash is true!! ROAR!
so, on whether or not i'd do it again.... hmm i guess not. cos its too expensive and it only looks good for 2 weeks. after that i looks like shit cos it clumps up together. heh. final verdict: stick with disposable fake lashes la. Hahaha..

k la.. i'm ranting too much nonsense and its time to meet prince charming in my dreams.

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Sleep deprived [25. 03. 10|07:23 am]
[Current Location |1.3057,103.8310]

It's too early for me to be in town.. I'm almost dying!

Didn't sleep cos I was in the office with Weisheng and Ben the WHOLE night helping him finish his project. N now I'm waiting to get my hair done once again. Zz

Actually my hair has zero difference. Except for the fact tt it has diff shades of blonde strips all around nw. And They needed to maintain the length cos they're gonna temporaily perm my hair later! And by perm I mean Maggie mee, bomb like, shirley temple kinda curled hair. Zzz quite worried but ohwells. I'm excited to see how it turns out too :)

But I'm definitely nt looking forward to the makeup part.. Not-so-famous Makeup artists often give me the impression that they're gonna turn u into some drag queen...u know.. bright red lips, purple eye shadow, round pink blush and uber dark brows? heh! Oh pls let me look human.

Okay! I've officially wasted 10mins typing this (which is exactly what I wanted to achieve ; kill time) so... Errm kbye.

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(no subject) [24. 03. 10|02:53 am]


anyone interested in...

1. participating in a 8 day focus group discussion (starting this sat, 26th march) on some facial product? (: looking for Females 18-29 yrs old only. and incentive paid! (limited slots!)

basically u come in to the office on Sat, Sun as well as the following Friday for an Hour each to do a skin check/evaluation.. and then from mon - thurs, u only need come in for 15mins, apply the pdt etc and thats it... then at the end of the 8th day (2nd april) they will "measure" the improvements on ur skin and u'll be paid an incentive of a pretty reasonable amt :)

2. If YOU, or ur family member, or Friend, or friend's family member owns a small biz that consist of no more than 100staff.... AND subscribes to a mobile service using the company name, AND that person is the main decision maker Or at least an influencer of which mobile line to subscribe to...., we want you! or him/her to come join us in a 2hr focus group discussion. :)  likewise, incentives will be paid. (not u, but the person participating..)

if u are interested in any of the above... let me know!
can either sms me (if u know my number la) or leave a comment (for queries) or email me at yellowstockings@gmail.com with ur name and contact no.... and i will contact u to see if u are a suitable candidate for any of the focus groups. :)

ASAP k. cos we need to consolidate names like VERY SOON.. like by today/tmr (:

YAY. good night.
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HELP NEEDED [19. 03. 10|05:09 am]
i need to get my itunes to start working.. but apparently it crashed a month ago and no matter how many times i uninstall and reinstall my itunes/quicktime etc, it still shows the same error message "ITUNES HAS STOPPED WORKING" and i have to shut it down immediately.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
  Application Name:    iTunes.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:    4b590a69
  Fault Module Name:    QuickTime.qts
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:    4afa620b
  Exception Code:    c0000005
  Exception Offset:    00009196
  OS Version:    6.0.6000.
  Locale ID:    18441
  Additional Information 1:    2310
  Additional Information 2:    f30fd7366477937e81cf7f7c9ee29071
  Additional Information 3:    d261
  Additional Information 4:    9de95967c0c33447ca033ec2a477b2dd

does ANYONE know how to fix this? heh. my microsoft word also got problem. but excel, ppt and stuff are all working fine. its just WORD and ITUNES that gets shut down immediately as soon as i open it. WHY? WHY! i need to get it fixed asap!
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unbelievable. [18. 03. 10|10:48 pm]


this isnt happening...


THANK YOU! !! :)
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black or white [18. 03. 10|02:40 am]

Before i go to bed... (cos i have work tmr. and i'm freaking sian...) here is a collage of aubrey!
haha we were trying to take a picture with him posing with the nice purple background, but becos my camera is so cui (it wont be anymore when i get my new S90! hehe), all the 13283740273 shots that we took all came out blur. :( so..i guess i got too much free time on hand or sth, i went to edit all the blur ones and i think it came out pretty nice!

what chu think? :)

night world! <3
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