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governed by food. - ALL SHE WROTE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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governed by food. [25. 04. 10|08:22 pm]

If u have been following me on twitter (i've been meaning to say this. HAHA)
u'd realise that i've been EATING ALOT.
thanks to ben n gang, The last one week or two weeks or perhaps three weeks i've been gorging myself during unearthly hours. heh :/  he's been bringing me around EVERYDAY to kill time cos i'm so bored at home and everytime we head out, we eat eat eat eat eat! haha funny thing is i insist on coffee shop, they insist on the more expensive alternatives...and they refuse to let me pay cos they say i need the money for my trip. (so nice right.. heh) So end up, everynight i eat HO LIAO and more ho liao.
even when i'm not with them, i eat eat eat tooo. heh
was out with Edwin and Shuhiang the other day..and instead of the planned Lim teh session at CV, we ended up at coffee club at the airport. gorging ourselves again. and today, my dad insisted that i eat crabs for dinner. haha how strange. oh wells. i guess 能吃是福!! thats what ben always tells me. haha but its making me grow sideways. no wonder alst keep complaining that i'm fat. tsk. i'm catching up with him! hehe.

here's just ONE of the night when we ate at TCC opposite wheelock. i thought the place looked super nice and classy! and OMG that thing on the top right is HEAVENLY... SO NICE SO NICE! forgot what it's called, but u should try. its damn nice!

and yest they came pick me up at my grandma's place (all the way at clementi!!) and we went holland V crystal jade! heh (see. waste money again! esp when all of us had dinner alr, cept ben la.. but we still ordered a plate of noodles each to eat! wth. logic fail) okay back to the point.... we went to check out The Helix! nth fantastic.. but sth new i guess.

THEN, we went to EAT AGAIN. omg. seriously... anyhow. we had 32 Degrees Fahrenheit! this dessert stall at ECP. they sell like those taiwan ice shavings which is.... not bad not bad. but best part of it is that they open till 5am!!! great for nocturnal creatures like me looking for a place to stone and slack. hehe.

another place i recommend for late late supper is Geylang G7 Frog porridge!! That one damn nice also. hehe and its opened till 4am in the morning!! so yes... go try go try and get fat like me. :)