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tictok [19. 04. 10|07:01 pm]

Exactly a month before i fly to the US.

and these are the lovely ppl id be staying with. :)
(well, i dont know if they are lovely yet. but they seem like it. haha)

and yes, i know. i look horrible in this photo cos of my ultra blonde hair.but fret not. its blonde no more... i got my hair done again. tee hee hee.

i dont know if i'm excited, scared, nervous, or indifferent over the whole work and travel thingy..i guess i'm just worried.. haha worried about my  family (my mum is gg to be so lonely), meyer (omg, i dont know how he'll deal with such a long seperation. max i've been away from him is like 7day?) , about friends (will they forget me??), and about how things would change(sekali i come back with ang moh husband.. woohoo! haha)... maybe i think too much. i should just go and have fun while i can right..heh. yes i will.! I guess.

so California here i come! :)

[User Picture]From: eileenlow
2010-04-19 05:42 pm (UTC)
the first thing that caught my attn was the blond hair guy on the first row. then i tried to spot u. THEN my first thought was, ahaha u got partner liao.

k not funny.

wo ming bai how u feel. but just go and have fun. trust me at the end of ur 5months, u will feel the same again but this time is for coming back.

eh, can u imagine whats gonna be like after i come back from aus 2 yrs later? ):
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[User Picture]From: yellowstockings
2010-04-20 08:06 am (UTC)
was it like that when u when shanghai?

oh man.. i think it will be worser for u man! 2yrs is such a long time...maybe i also getting married liao. HAHA oh wells... must keep in contact!
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