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who doesnt love free stuff [29. 03. 10|12:53 am]

So ive been working these days. some job at some research company and stuff... and im so busy i can barely breathe! actually its quite flexible.. i mean, i can go to work anytime, end anytime... but there's just so much to do. oh wells. all for the sake of money and i really dont mind hanging out there becos the ppl there are really nice. they treat me almost like one of their full time staff alr. :) and i kinda think its quite fun handling all those projects with super tight deadlines too. haha so yeah..
and another plus point: i always get to snack on free stuff and take free can drinks! haha


anyway. for 3 days last week i was at Goldwell for some hair seminar showcasing a new colouring technique... its diff from the previous hairshows i've done cos this one had like makeup artiste, fittings and stuff... and i had to do some "cat walk" too...heh. so yeah.. its quite fun. and i had so much colouring and treatment done to my hair..! its now dark brown with blonde patches, with darker blonde strips...and lighter blonde strips... hahaa i cant even tell what colour it is cos there's so much colour gg on... And for some strange reason, my hair is SOOO much softer now.  i guess it should be that way since they use reallly high quality products on our heads, and even my haircut (which has no difference) cost at least $200USD if it was done by that same guy (which i dont know his name even) back in his salon in US. heh.

i posted some pictures on twitter and FB and obviously quite a few ppl had a good laugh at my temporary bom bom hair haha but oh wells! After the 3days seminar they gave us free hair products to bring home. COOL BEANS! initially they gave me another range.. but i didnt like the smell (yes, i'm THAT ANAL) so the lady gave me another set! so nice right. Love the shampoo seriously.

oh and I'm taking part in some skin care product study too! :)
i already know who the client is, so i do feel safe using their so called "product X" haha and since its held at my office and i have to be there everyday, i might as well pop by and earn some money right. hehe i get paid $300 for testing their product and allowing them evaluate my face etc.. not bad huh. :)

Lastly! i brought home some free stuff from the office too! just some of the perks of working there; bringing home left overs. hehe and the two tubes in the middle are actually some product that is set to be launched in july but the client came and gave all the staffs to try it first! so yay. :)

poor ppl like me love free stuff. xoxo. :)

And finally... here are the last few remains of my eyelash extensions. haha FINALLY it all came out. zzz

its damn gross la..
and i'm quite sad. cos 1. i honestly really liked it when i had it. its like instant eyeliner when u wake up..so preettty.. HAHA and 2. i think a good half of my real lashes came out together with the fake ones.. so i hereby CONFIRM that the myth about losing ur real lash is true!! ROAR!
so, on whether or not i'd do it again.... hmm i guess not. cos its too expensive and it only looks good for 2 weeks. after that i looks like shit cos it clumps up together. heh. final verdict: stick with disposable fake lashes la. Hahaha..

k la.. i'm ranting too much nonsense and its time to meet prince charming in my dreams.


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[User Picture]From: yellowstockings
2010-03-30 05:02 pm (UTC)
really! i thought must go to the shop to remove. which means pay more money haha... okay next time if i ever ever try again, i'll use that!
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[User Picture]From: joey_ng
2010-03-28 06:07 pm (UTC)
I think the shampoo set looks cool. HAHAHAHA! I am so random.
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[User Picture]From: yellowstockings
2010-03-30 05:03 pm (UTC)
haha yes u are so random girl!
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