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growing up [14. 05. 10|05:34 pm]

A short dinner meet up with my primary school friends last night!
cant believe i knew these ppl since i was 7++ or so. haha and now i'm already 23. Oh my gosh!
but ohwells. really glad we're still such a close knit bunch! :)

come to think of it.. 
my entire clique of pri school friends all come from different class. like A - H. Funny how we all got together.

OKAY. so.. here's a picture of me when i was errm 10. Now SPOT ME! hehe.
but aiyah. i guess it isnt difficult. cos i look the same. like no change at all, just larger! heh duno why my face nv change leh. sad. but i think i kinda look more chinese now then when i was in the past? agreed? and FYI. I WAS EXTREMELY PETITE and SEVERLY UNDER WEIGHT then. Haha