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love or hate me. - ALL SHE WROTE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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love or hate me. [12. 05. 10|06:33 pm]

OMG... THIS is getting on my nerves.  and YOU are getting on my nerves for being so psychotic.  i've held my peace and i've had ENOUGH of u scolding me behind my back and acting all crazy. So you want a piece of me? SURE. i'll give u a piece of me. Call me a bitch? FINE. i'll show u how much of a bitch i can be.

oh and FYI, before i start bitching about u, GET THIS STRAIGHT: 
i didnt even say anything about u before this..i nv called u a bitch, nv scolded u crude stuff like ccb, f u or whatever dirty language ur dictionary holds and i haven't done anything NOW to step on ur tail cept for the last time i texted him when i was drunk. the last i recalled was that i scolded Dajie, not u.  And you're damn right to say i dont know u, so yes, i am in no position to say anything. and u can tell that to urself too... cos You dont know me at all, so who are u to judge.

i'll start by answering some of ur statements about me.
1. i betrayed him before.
hmm, well yeah u can say so. but whats there to "caught ya?!" not like i havent been caught, or that he doesnt know and we havent resolved it. it was my fault and a long time ago. but okay, i give it to u that u found sth bad i did. so congratulations! this one really my bad.

2. i am dating other guyS and still holding on to him cos i cant afford to lose so im a slut.
who gave u the idea that i'm dating other guyS?? i'm currently seeing only ONE guy since the breakup and Nope, i'm not holding on to dajie. i was, but not anymore (for quite sometime alr. u need to update urself really...) by all means, i'm SOOO willing to lose to you cos he is after all not the same person i fell for in the past. and Sorry to say, u kinda got 2nd best. :) so yeah, go ahead man...u can have him. no fight no fight.

3. I'm not even good to him in the first place.

oh dear..thats sad... did dajie tell u that? i'd love to hear what he said about me being a horrible GF. hmm, but i really thought i did quite okay. i wonder wad wasnt good enough for him. :)

4. dont think i grow up with him and i can speak, where do i stand...
speak wad? wad did i say? OH u mean telling him not to get back tgt with u when he text me last month? Haha. of cos i spoke wad. ur bf said u messed up his life.. why wouldnt i advise him that as a friend. and you're damn right we grew up together and i know him better than u AND i want the best for my FRIEND. so too bad.

5. "I know I'm an ultimate bitch, but ure e same as well cos ure acting innocent, we're bitches' any comment?"
nope, no comments. me and u........not the same. u're the bitch and i'm not.
:) okay, maybe i should be fair and not act innocent. i WAS a bitch perhaps for wanting to get back with my ex when he was with u but u're right. you ARE the ULTIMATE bitch for everything else. :)

6.  "do u even know me? Just becos I scolded u, u defined me as a villain. Take a good look at whatcha have done hctib!"
nope, i never said u were a villian. i said u were being crazy. and  can someone enlighten me on what is hctib? oh and yup i dont know u. THOUGHT u were a nice girl. TOLD ppl u were nice. but Damn u're evil. curse me to hell even. tsk tsk. guess i've learned not to judge a person to early.

7. STFU. i'm out of his life and i should get a new life pls.
OHHH i know what stfu is! doesnt seem like a nice term to use, but ohwells, i appreciate that u said pls at the end. :) anyhow, yeah, i'm outta his life and i'm in a new life wad. who said i wasnt? more like u're the ghost, haunting me of my past can. ppl here trying to move on but from no where come out and shoot me. siao?

so whats ur angle kid? i didnt deliberately stalk u and see all ur nasty comments ok. i cannot be a tad bothered to do so. but heng i happen to come across it. if not i kp wondering why my eyes keep twitching. heh and i am pretty sure i didnt do anything to step on ur tail this time... but now, i've had enough of ur nonsense and u're REALLLLLY asking for it. 

always calling me a  slut and bitch right?
i'll show u wad a bitch is.

Well, does ur J give u sunflowers? well, thats what he always buys for me cos its my favourite. did J bring u to Graze? well, he brought me there on my birthday too! did J bring u to the Sg flyer on ur 21st? yeah...he brought me there on my 21st too.. OH and did he get u a camera? why what a coincidence. He got me that for my bday too!!! Funny how u got 2nd best at everything. what a pity.

want to know what a real bitch is?
rmb the last time u called to terrorize me over the phone cos UR bf wanted to meet me? well i told u that u should be grateful u have dajie, said he wanted to be with u and tt he didnt promise me anything abt getting back tgt etc etc yada yada right?.. well, there's somethings i missed out. like he told me he still misses the memories we had, he still thinks of me when he's with u, that he doesnt know why he is with u bla bla... all these i didnt say cos i was nice enough to help u two move on. and i didnt do anything AFTER that cept for the two msges i sent and then u came over to my hse to terrorize me again. but there i said it! its no secret now.

want to know what a real real realllll bitch reallllly is???
damn i dont know how to begin.. but u know ur bf was the one who text me the other time right? he smsed just to apologize and nth else.. told me you two broke up, that u messed up his life. (oh oh! lets backtrack here. SO who isnt good to him now? he said u totally messed up his life!! hmm i wonder why. u must be damn screwed up man) SIGH....and here's the highlight and the big reveal.... he told me... he suspects u have BPD. and he asked me to google it if i didnt know what it was. (sorry dajie, u told me not to say this out, but i did cos i cannot take ur psycho GF anymore.) gosh..... how sad is that hearing this from me?

i'm saying this ONCE and for all......
the problem isnt about me coming in between the two of u. cos i am OUT OF THE PICTURE DUDE. so stop dragging me in. the problem lies in the two of u. you two have serious issues man. its either u break up once and for all, OR u sort out ur problems.. whatever it is I DONT CARE. omg. seriously! or or MAYBE the issue lies in YOU. i mean, i was with dajie officially for 5 years.. and first 3 yrs we nv fought, 4 and 5th yr, we barely did...  so umm...perhaps u should do some self reflection. Dont blame others (ME) for ur own downfall and ur R/s with ur BF. you gotta admit this;  i wasn't part of ur life or his life A LONG TIME ago. so dont attribute ur failure to me. U want me to move on with my life? YES I AM. so stop blocking my way man...

lastly, brush ur teeth. its getting yellow from all that vulgarities u used on me. :) and i hate to say this: but who on earth takes a photo with half ur bra sticking out and boldly post it online? disgusting. u do know ppl deem ppl like these as bitches and sluts right?? not saying that u are, but giving u a heads up on it. :) and tsk tsk, i dont think aunty peggy would like a daughter in law so "open".

OKAY. i've said my peace. and it ends here. or maybe i should repeat this again... just so u're clear about it. ahem.... "I AM IN NO WAY ATTRACTED TO DAJIE FOR A VERY LONG TIME ALR. SO THE TWO OF U CAN START BANGING EACH OTHER IN PEACE NOW AND MOVE ON BITCH! NOW BUZZZZ OFF, ELYSIA CHAN, U'RE STANDING IN MY WAY DAMN IT. OH AND FUCK YOU TOO!"

ahh FINALLY.  i feeel SOOOO much better. always wanted to do this u know? haha now i know why u like scolding me. and btw THIS is what i call bad mouthing u. Going about doing my own things isnt bad mouthing u and stepping on ur tail. heh

i feel damn bad and mean for doing this. but u pushed it too far. i have limits and i can be a real bitch too if u force me to.
and thanks but no thanks... now i've degraded myself to the same ranks as u. so ur statement no.5 applies to me. "u're the ultimate bitch and i''m a bitch too'
and credits to you, my friendship with dajie will be even worser than it alr is after this post. it isnt supposed to be like that, but yeah, u got what u wanted!

[User Picture]From: joey_ng
2010-05-13 05:17 pm (UTC)
I feel a bit KPO. HAHA. But, I agree with the BPD part. DJ's friends doesn't seemed like they liked her either. LOL.

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[User Picture]From: yellowstockings
2010-05-14 07:17 am (UTC)
haha im leaving 19th MAY! which is the coming wed. :)
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[User Picture]From: joey_ng
2010-05-14 07:19 am (UTC)
What time?
Which Terminal?
Which Flight?
When are you coming back!

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[User Picture]From: yellowstockings
2010-05-14 09:12 am (UTC)
hahaha ya super soon right!

eh flight is 1030am. so i guess i'll be there at 8?
terminal 1. china airlines. CL 752 (HEH)

i'll be back from 11oct!! but it depends. maybe earlier if i decide to attend my cousin's wedding. :)

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From: fanniliciouz
2010-05-16 09:45 am (UTC)
one more thing u forgot to add... She's really a bimbo.. quite dumb, and apparently got SUPER horrible english. tell her to brush up on her english and go easy on her vulgarities man! might be a lil' tough for her cuz it seems like she just bangable, period.

chill lerboonza... dont stoop to her level!
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-05-23 06:41 am (UTC)
nice one!
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