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up to date updates. - ALL SHE WROTE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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up to date updates. [10. 05. 10|04:57 pm]

woots! quick update again! :)

trying to figure out when was this... i think it was last week. but anyhow, Grala asked me to accompany her to the Audi Mango Fashion Show @ Pan pacific.... it was quite okay.. tho i was kinda more inclined towards the free flow and finding the mini burgers which i saw everyone walking ard with. Haha. oh yeah, and we met some of her friends there.. they suggested that we all go butter.. but as soon as i got to there i realise im not in the mood for clubs anymore so i scoot off to meet alst instead. haha

then last wed i met Diana and Shane for Brunch at Bark Cafe!
Diana was flying off to NZ  that night and she wont be back in time to see me off, so they bought me lunch as part of farewell. so sweet. :)

Diana brought boo boo! (one of her 6 dogs which looks like a tissue box and a lion dancer but is seriously damn guai. haha) i didnt want to bring meyer cos he's such a PAIN IN THE NECK when it comes to going out with him. that fella CANNOT sit still outside. but they insist.. so okay... meyer got lucky this time. he got to sit in a convertable and enjoy the breeze! haha

anyhow. funny that cafe is just at the back of my house but i never once went there. haha i only rmb driving past once to look for the cafe, and then, it didnt look v fantastic, so i nv thought of visiting it.. but now, i must say i kinda like the place! its has a chillout away from the city kinda feeling. and the food is not bad. :)

oh. thats mother's mother day with all my aunts. haha. <3 family lunch..

and lastly, fanni grala and i went to have steamboat that day. and after that we went for Fish spa . and i HATE IT. hahahaha its damn freaky la. took super long to put my leg in can. and the feeeling is not shiok at all. damn itchy and errm...yeah itchy. hahaha wait till i post the video. omg, i was screaming like no one's business. but i did like the after effect smoothness of my leg. haha

ohkay. thats all.. meeting the poly ppl today finally. gotta get ready! :)

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[User Picture]From: yellowstockings
2010-05-12 11:01 am (UTC)
haha yes! and annoying too! :)
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