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beneath that smile [10. 11. 10|03:57 am]

hello. it's been a long time. :)

i stopped blogging ever since i set foot in the states becos 1. tapping onto internet was a pain in the ass. if i wanted to i had to sit out in the cold cold weather. 2. i was too caught up with living life there. So yeah.. i decided to MIA out of a sudden...Now that i'm back, i no longer have the drive to blog about anything and i'm too lazy to upload pictures from my trip. i've been to too many places, seen too many things, done too much... its hard to sum up all that i've experienced in the last 5 months. But it was definitely the best time of my life, and i wouldnt exchange it for anything else.

Basically I stayed 4 months in Santa Cruz, California.. working most of the time at the Beach Boardwalk, Operating rides. Lived in a small apartment just across the beach, where i had a room, a kitchen, a toilet and a "walk in wardrobe". My neighbours were people from all over the world..and it wasnt before long that we all became close friends. Singaporeans, Bulgarians, Serbians, Americans, Mexicans, Macedonians, Czech Republicans, Saudi arabian, Kazakhstanian, Koreanm Taiwanese, Jamaicans, polish.... u name it we've got it. haha and all i did there was Work, hang out at each other's apartments, cook, sleep.... sounds reallyy boring but it all felt so right. Mondays i'd go to Safeway (their local NTUC) to buy meat, kitchen stuff, Tuesdays i'd visit the mexican lady across the street to get my vegetables, other days i'd be doing laundry, cleaning the house... everyday i'd cook (no joke. i cook EVERYDAY), everyday i'd be waking up to people knocking on my door to borrow oil, salt, or just to chat.. (my house has guest over every single day) and everynight there would be people in my apartment cooking, snacking, and slacking... Life was "routined" and simple. But i was really contented. I dont earn much, but i had enough to pay for my apartment, buy groceries, Things for my house, shopping, travelling...and i still had extras.

During those 4 months, its not just work and home too.. on my off days we'd rent a few cars and drive up to places. I went to Yosemite national Park (12 hour hike!), Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa barbara, Lake tahoe, San Fransisco.. went to other theme parks around California, like Sea World (Sandiego), Great America, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom... we always took a bus to San jose to get to outlets like Gilroy, Greatmall in malipitas to shop... my friend would drive us up to the korean and asian market to stock up on my chinese cooking stuff..., i also went on a Sail, i did Surfing, cherry picking.... not forgetting house parties.. SO SO SO SO SO many things and SO SO SO much fun.

obviously on my last day i cried like shit. cos i was so upset that i'll never get to see my friends again.. it wasnt all too bad as soon as people started messaging me on facebook and until now we're all still sending each other update emails. So after 4months, i packed up and i left my home in Santa cruz... but i wasnt going home yet. I travelled a WHOPPING 30Days around the states. went back to Los angeles (santa monica, Pasadena, Hollywood, beverly hills, downtown and west LA ,Disney and Universal studios), Las Vegas (where i stayed along the strip, went to a strip club too haha, fremont st experience, caught a musical there ..), Arizona (Grand Canyon), Orlando Florida (Universal studios, and basically stayed in the hostel hanging out with a new found friend from the UK, ireland etc..), New Jersey, Philadelphia pennsylvania (benjamin franklin bridge, independance hall, liberty bell), Virginia, Washington D.C. (White house, all the diff memorial halls), NYC (Niagara Falls), Boston, New York (Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Grand central park, Rockerfella park, Manhattan, Wall street, NY stock xchange, all the bridges, WTC site etc....).. 

omg, seriously so many places that my wallet went empty and i was seriously so tired from all that travelling. never saw myself talking so many airplanes in short span of a month. yes and that one month went by just like that... before i know it i was packing up from my hostel in NYC and leaving for taiwan.:( i stayed in Taiwan for 4days before coming back to singapore.. it was good fun.

AND SO. now i'm back and lost. i know i have to find a job and stuff.. which i am... (i'm just being too picky for my own good.) but, i really dont know what to do now. it feels so hard adapting to life back in singapore... i'm still stuck in laid back santa cruz. life. heh. i have no money, no aim in life, i feel like i just came back to where i left off and that last 5 months was like a dream that wooozed past just like that.  i thought i'd come back feeling good, bring home the things i learn in the states, be less of a bummer... but nope, i got worse. heh. so yea, i'm back to Square one ,damnit.

After that whole shit long grandmother story, i'm back to what i came here to rant about in the first place. And that is beneath that smile, i'm bitter about life. I had plans before this. i had an idea of how my life would turn out. but silly me gave it all up in the name of freedom and fun. Dajie was the first major setback and the stupidest mistake i've ever made... its the Perfect epitome of finding the right guy at the wrong time i suppose. (ohwells.still bitter but living with it, and no, i'm not thinking of getting back. keep feeling like i have to make a constant disclaimer about it heh) but seriously.. that's one of the reason why i feel oh so lost. the last 7 years of my life i've centered my plans, hopes and dreams around that one guy..and now that he's gone, i cant seem to work my way around it. But Lo and behold i met xxxxxx. (obviously there's is one an only one Xxxxxx. but! name can't be disclosed cos that asshole has something about being anonymous and unaquinted to me) anyhow.. i seriously thought ,okay, maybe we could work out. it seemed fine in the beginning.. and i was somewhat ready to move on... but NOPE. no status, no intimacy, no caring words nothing. heh. i take it as karma seriously.. after one freaking year i'm still stuck in this rut. and it hurts alot. :( i try my best to be better than when i was with dajie.. but i guess i'm just doing something wrong thats why. :( dont get me wrong, he is a great guy..i doubt anyone can crack me up like he does and i like him just the way he is.. but sometimes i cant even explain how hurtful it is.. he doesnt know how hurtful it is either. and if only you (whoever u are reading) knew how things are like too... i really feel like i cant do it anymore and i'm |  | this close to throwing in the towel. but i dont know what's holding me back. i guess its just the slightest hope that things would make a turn around. so thats another reason why i'm bitter. this whole karma thing is killing me. ANYWAYS. yeah, the strangest thing is that ever since i came back.. i suddenly have a few people errm you know.. like suitors. (this is so weird saying but yaa).. some are REALLLLY good guys...mostly singaporeans and europeans heh (even weirder). but i just cant cant cant cant cant cant feel anything. i think part of me gave up already.. dajie and Xxxxxx killed something in me. up to a point, i dont know how to fall in love or to be courted, date and be in a relationship anymore. i'm just so tired of everything.. how does it actually feels to love and be loved and be appreciated and be treated as someone's girlfriend??? There's nothing to be bitter about this..but.. it pisses me off that even with these people coming along the way, i dont feel anything despite the fact that i want to settle down and get married soon. i'm not desperate duh. but is there something wrong with me?? Where the hell is Mr. RIght to sweeeep me off my feet? omgawd. got so hard to find a guy i like and vice versa and be NORMAL meh? and now the saddest saddest part of my life, which i refuse refuse to admit most time, is leaving church. i dont even have anything to say about it. i'm just disappointed in myself. not only did i leave church, i ended up in an alcohol frenzy..(i'm not crazy about it, but i do drink alot.) and not only do i drink, i pick up sticks too. if u know what i mean. i'm swallowing my pride saying these things now cos it doesnt look good on me, so i hope whoever reads this shit dont go around discussing my wrong doings. its the last thing i want to be associated with and i'm embarrassed by it.. but i'm just screwd up now and i'm trying to be real. i'm human, i make mistakes. i'm trying.

heh. okay i seriously dont know what i was talking about in the last para. i dont even want to bother reading back if i made any sense. i'm just ranting. majorly. like I'm SO SO SO PISSED at myself. ugh. lavonnnnnee pls Get a grip, get a life, find meaning again. tsk. anyway. i highly doubt anyone reads this anymore. haa ohwells. my blog my prerogative to write what i want. and this is one hellava emo update. 



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this is it. [18. 05. 10|03:38 pm]

19 may  
Terminal 1  
CI 752

in less than 24hrs i'll be up and away!!
So nervous and exciting!
guess i'll be at the airport 8am to get good seats.
cannot stand being clamped in between two ppl on flight!

and dear friends, I LOVE U.
THANK YOU for being so AWESOME the last few weeks!
i feel so pampered and loved tho i'm only gg for 5mths. :)
PLS PLS PLS go install SKYPE and get WATSAPP if u dont have okayyy....

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growing up [14. 05. 10|05:34 pm]

A short dinner meet up with my primary school friends last night!
cant believe i knew these ppl since i was 7++ or so. haha and now i'm already 23. Oh my gosh!
but ohwells. really glad we're still such a close knit bunch! :)

come to think of it.. 
my entire clique of pri school friends all come from different class. like A - H. Funny how we all got together.

OKAY. so.. here's a picture of me when i was errm 10. Now SPOT ME! hehe.
but aiyah. i guess it isnt difficult. cos i look the same. like no change at all, just larger! heh duno why my face nv change leh. sad. but i think i kinda look more chinese now then when i was in the past? agreed? and FYI. I WAS EXTREMELY PETITE and SEVERLY UNDER WEIGHT then. Haha
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love or hate me. [12. 05. 10|06:33 pm]

OMG... THIS is getting on my nerves.  and YOU are getting on my nerves for being so psychotic.  i've held my peace and i've had ENOUGH of u scolding me behind my back and acting all crazy. So you want a piece of me? SURE. i'll give u a piece of me. Call me a bitch? FINE. i'll show u how much of a bitch i can be.

oh and FYI, before i start bitching about u, GET THIS STRAIGHT: 
i didnt even say anything about u before this..i nv called u a bitch, nv scolded u crude stuff like ccb, f u or whatever dirty language ur dictionary holds and i haven't done anything NOW to step on ur tail cept for the last time i texted him when i was drunk. the last i recalled was that i scolded Dajie, not u.  And you're damn right to say i dont know u, so yes, i am in no position to say anything. and u can tell that to urself too... cos You dont know me at all, so who are u to judge.

i'll start by answering some of ur statements about me.
1. i betrayed him before.
hmm, well yeah u can say so. but whats there to "caught ya?!" not like i havent been caught, or that he doesnt know and we havent resolved it. it was my fault and a long time ago. but okay, i give it to u that u found sth bad i did. so congratulations! this one really my bad.

2. i am dating other guyS and still holding on to him cos i cant afford to lose so im a slut.
who gave u the idea that i'm dating other guyS?? i'm currently seeing only ONE guy since the breakup and Nope, i'm not holding on to dajie. i was, but not anymore (for quite sometime alr. u need to update urself really...) by all means, i'm SOOO willing to lose to you cos he is after all not the same person i fell for in the past. and Sorry to say, u kinda got 2nd best. :) so yeah, go ahead man...u can have him. no fight no fight.

3. I'm not even good to him in the first place.

oh dear..thats sad... did dajie tell u that? i'd love to hear what he said about me being a horrible GF. hmm, but i really thought i did quite okay. i wonder wad wasnt good enough for him. :)

4. dont think i grow up with him and i can speak, where do i stand...
speak wad? wad did i say? OH u mean telling him not to get back tgt with u when he text me last month? Haha. of cos i spoke wad. ur bf said u messed up his life.. why wouldnt i advise him that as a friend. and you're damn right we grew up together and i know him better than u AND i want the best for my FRIEND. so too bad.

5. "I know I'm an ultimate bitch, but ure e same as well cos ure acting innocent, we're bitches' any comment?"
nope, no comments. me and u........not the same. u're the bitch and i'm not.
:) okay, maybe i should be fair and not act innocent. i WAS a bitch perhaps for wanting to get back with my ex when he was with u but u're right. you ARE the ULTIMATE bitch for everything else. :)

6.  "do u even know me? Just becos I scolded u, u defined me as a villain. Take a good look at whatcha have done hctib!"
nope, i never said u were a villian. i said u were being crazy. and  can someone enlighten me on what is hctib? oh and yup i dont know u. THOUGHT u were a nice girl. TOLD ppl u were nice. but Damn u're evil. curse me to hell even. tsk tsk. guess i've learned not to judge a person to early.

7. STFU. i'm out of his life and i should get a new life pls.
OHHH i know what stfu is! doesnt seem like a nice term to use, but ohwells, i appreciate that u said pls at the end. :) anyhow, yeah, i'm outta his life and i'm in a new life wad. who said i wasnt? more like u're the ghost, haunting me of my past can. ppl here trying to move on but from no where come out and shoot me. siao?

so whats ur angle kid? i didnt deliberately stalk u and see all ur nasty comments ok. i cannot be a tad bothered to do so. but heng i happen to come across it. if not i kp wondering why my eyes keep twitching. heh and i am pretty sure i didnt do anything to step on ur tail this time... but now, i've had enough of ur nonsense and u're REALLLLLY asking for it. 

always calling me a  slut and bitch right?
i'll show u wad a bitch is.

Well, does ur J give u sunflowers? well, thats what he always buys for me cos its my favourite. did J bring u to Graze? well, he brought me there on my birthday too! did J bring u to the Sg flyer on ur 21st? yeah...he brought me there on my 21st too.. OH and did he get u a camera? why what a coincidence. He got me that for my bday too!!! Funny how u got 2nd best at everything. what a pity.

want to know what a real bitch is?
rmb the last time u called to terrorize me over the phone cos UR bf wanted to meet me? well i told u that u should be grateful u have dajie, said he wanted to be with u and tt he didnt promise me anything abt getting back tgt etc etc yada yada right?.. well, there's somethings i missed out. like he told me he still misses the memories we had, he still thinks of me when he's with u, that he doesnt know why he is with u bla bla... all these i didnt say cos i was nice enough to help u two move on. and i didnt do anything AFTER that cept for the two msges i sent and then u came over to my hse to terrorize me again. but there i said it! its no secret now.

want to know what a real real realllll bitch reallllly is???
damn i dont know how to begin.. but u know ur bf was the one who text me the other time right? he smsed just to apologize and nth else.. told me you two broke up, that u messed up his life. (oh oh! lets backtrack here. SO who isnt good to him now? he said u totally messed up his life!! hmm i wonder why. u must be damn screwed up man) SIGH....and here's the highlight and the big reveal.... he told me... he suspects u have BPD. and he asked me to google it if i didnt know what it was. (sorry dajie, u told me not to say this out, but i did cos i cannot take ur psycho GF anymore.) gosh..... how sad is that hearing this from me?

i'm saying this ONCE and for all......
the problem isnt about me coming in between the two of u. cos i am OUT OF THE PICTURE DUDE. so stop dragging me in. the problem lies in the two of u. you two have serious issues man. its either u break up once and for all, OR u sort out ur problems.. whatever it is I DONT CARE. omg. seriously! or or MAYBE the issue lies in YOU. i mean, i was with dajie officially for 5 years.. and first 3 yrs we nv fought, 4 and 5th yr, we barely did...  so umm...perhaps u should do some self reflection. Dont blame others (ME) for ur own downfall and ur R/s with ur BF. you gotta admit this;  i wasn't part of ur life or his life A LONG TIME ago. so dont attribute ur failure to me. U want me to move on with my life? YES I AM. so stop blocking my way man...

lastly, brush ur teeth. its getting yellow from all that vulgarities u used on me. :) and i hate to say this: but who on earth takes a photo with half ur bra sticking out and boldly post it online? disgusting. u do know ppl deem ppl like these as bitches and sluts right?? not saying that u are, but giving u a heads up on it. :) and tsk tsk, i dont think aunty peggy would like a daughter in law so "open".

OKAY. i've said my peace. and it ends here. or maybe i should repeat this again... just so u're clear about it. ahem.... "I AM IN NO WAY ATTRACTED TO DAJIE FOR A VERY LONG TIME ALR. SO THE TWO OF U CAN START BANGING EACH OTHER IN PEACE NOW AND MOVE ON BITCH! NOW BUZZZZ OFF, ELYSIA CHAN, U'RE STANDING IN MY WAY DAMN IT. OH AND FUCK YOU TOO!"

ahh FINALLY.  i feeel SOOOO much better. always wanted to do this u know? haha now i know why u like scolding me. and btw THIS is what i call bad mouthing u. Going about doing my own things isnt bad mouthing u and stepping on ur tail. heh

i feel damn bad and mean for doing this. but u pushed it too far. i have limits and i can be a real bitch too if u force me to.
and thanks but no thanks... now i've degraded myself to the same ranks as u. so ur statement no.5 applies to me. "u're the ultimate bitch and i''m a bitch too'
and credits to you, my friendship with dajie will be even worser than it alr is after this post. it isnt supposed to be like that, but yeah, u got what u wanted!
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up to date updates. [10. 05. 10|04:57 pm]

woots! quick update again! :)

trying to figure out when was this... i think it was last week. but anyhow, Grala asked me to accompany her to the Audi Mango Fashion Show @ Pan pacific.... it was quite okay.. tho i was kinda more inclined towards the free flow and finding the mini burgers which i saw everyone walking ard with. Haha. oh yeah, and we met some of her friends there.. they suggested that we all go butter.. but as soon as i got to there i realise im not in the mood for clubs anymore so i scoot off to meet alst instead. haha

then last wed i met Diana and Shane for Brunch at Bark Cafe!
Diana was flying off to NZ  that night and she wont be back in time to see me off, so they bought me lunch as part of farewell. so sweet. :)

Diana brought boo boo! (one of her 6 dogs which looks like a tissue box and a lion dancer but is seriously damn guai. haha) i didnt want to bring meyer cos he's such a PAIN IN THE NECK when it comes to going out with him. that fella CANNOT sit still outside. but they insist.. so okay... meyer got lucky this time. he got to sit in a convertable and enjoy the breeze! haha

anyhow. funny that cafe is just at the back of my house but i never once went there. haha i only rmb driving past once to look for the cafe, and then, it didnt look v fantastic, so i nv thought of visiting it.. but now, i must say i kinda like the place! its has a chillout away from the city kinda feeling. and the food is not bad. :)

oh. thats mother's mother day with all my aunts. haha. <3 family lunch..

and lastly, fanni grala and i went to have steamboat that day. and after that we went for Fish spa . and i HATE IT. hahahaha its damn freaky la. took super long to put my leg in can. and the feeeling is not shiok at all. damn itchy and errm...yeah itchy. hahaha wait till i post the video. omg, i was screaming like no one's business. but i did like the after effect smoothness of my leg. haha

ohkay. thats all.. meeting the poly ppl today finally. gotta get ready! :)
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free fallin [27. 04. 10|04:48 pm]
i've got too many un-used vouchers. Topshop, New look, Frolick, some random spa and facial place, a million and one spinellies voucher...... heh. guess i'm gg out to use some of it today before it expires and probably buy fatty a shirt or sth... then i will be meeting Jeremy tan and Eveleen later for dinner at town.(which i  totally forgot all about it cos they booked me since last week and i've got so much on my mind) oh wells.. at least i got my day kinda planned out.

just thinking whether i should work tmr and thurs. heh.

aiyah, its such a bad bad time to go US now. or maybe its such a bad bad time to REALLY fall for someone else finally..
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governed by food. [25. 04. 10|08:22 pm]

If u have been following me on twitter (i've been meaning to say this. HAHA)
u'd realise that i've been EATING ALOT.
thanks to ben n gang, The last one week or two weeks or perhaps three weeks i've been gorging myself during unearthly hours. heh :/  he's been bringing me around EVERYDAY to kill time cos i'm so bored at home and everytime we head out, we eat eat eat eat eat! haha funny thing is i insist on coffee shop, they insist on the more expensive alternatives...and they refuse to let me pay cos they say i need the money for my trip. (so nice right.. heh) So end up, everynight i eat HO LIAO and more ho liao.
even when i'm not with them, i eat eat eat tooo. heh
was out with Edwin and Shuhiang the other day..and instead of the planned Lim teh session at CV, we ended up at coffee club at the airport. gorging ourselves again. and today, my dad insisted that i eat crabs for dinner. haha how strange. oh wells. i guess 能吃是福!! thats what ben always tells me. haha but its making me grow sideways. no wonder alst keep complaining that i'm fat. tsk. i'm catching up with him! hehe.

here's just ONE of the night when we ate at TCC opposite wheelock. i thought the place looked super nice and classy! and OMG that thing on the top right is HEAVENLY... SO NICE SO NICE! forgot what it's called, but u should try. its damn nice!

and yest they came pick me up at my grandma's place (all the way at clementi!!) and we went holland V crystal jade! heh (see. waste money again! esp when all of us had dinner alr, cept ben la.. but we still ordered a plate of noodles each to eat! wth. logic fail) okay back to the point.... we went to check out The Helix! nth fantastic.. but sth new i guess.

THEN, we went to EAT AGAIN. omg. seriously... anyhow. we had 32 Degrees Fahrenheit! this dessert stall at ECP. they sell like those taiwan ice shavings which is.... not bad not bad. but best part of it is that they open till 5am!!! great for nocturnal creatures like me looking for a place to stone and slack. hehe.

another place i recommend for late late supper is Geylang G7 Frog porridge!! That one damn nice also. hehe and its opened till 4am in the morning!! so yes... go try go try and get fat like me. :)

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purple black gold. [22. 04. 10|10:29 pm]

SO. here's another birthday. this time it was Florence's
funny hw it was her bday, but non of us got to take a picture with her except for the grp shot which i obviously dont have. haha i guess its always the case for ppl's 21st... but anyhow... felt like i havent seen these ppl for the longest time. actually it wasnt tooooo long.. but we're so used to meeting SO often that a few days or a week seems like forever.
now its gonna be longer cos ALL of them are having exams. except me. how dreadful. (tho i'm grateful that i have no exams. haha) but i miss hanging out. :( and its weird how i miss aub calling me everyday when he's got nth to do too.. now its work, school, work school and it has taken its toll on everyone. PUI!

Here's tina and grala.
my two v pretty girlfriends. cannot take it. i think they damn chio. go out with them also feel inferior. HAHA.

and thats alston and i. heh. no comments else i get beaten up. Hahaha.

and here are the guys. aubrey, alst, adrian. jack and mike.

quite a good looking bunch!

we're all in either purple, or black cos thats the theme that was set...
sadly i dont have a picture of the present we made for flo. i think it looks damn nice and i'm so proud of it. haha.

the guys again.

i think the pictures below quite funny. duno whatt they looking at and so happy abou tit also.

florence's bday kinda gathered the whole clique. like everyone was there for once.. ..so we were loitering loitering.. wondering what to do tgt on a sat night... and singapore really got NOTHING to do loh. damn sian. got is gotttt... but either damn crowded or must spend money loh. wth. end up they all came my hse for a few rounds of texas.. (i suck at that game. but i alst and i won! tee hee hee..)

oh wells.. looking forward to the next time we meet! :)
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ke kinda busy.. [21. 04. 10|08:03 pm]
Okay, gonna make this update quick cos i need to iron clothes! zzzzzZZZ (but its gonna be a freaking long one too..)

OH say hello to snoopy! ben's dog. haha he's the cutest thing on earth la! (apart from meyer)

Damn cute right! how can u not love him. haha he's meyer's good friend now. so is chelsie. Jas's pretty dog!

Ben's been really nice. he brings meyer and i to the dog farm at least twice in the last 2 weeks alr. (and i feel damn bad cos meyer sheds ALOT of fur. so everytime aft we head to the dog farm, he needs to send his car for vacuuming haha) but anyhow... here's one of the day that we went with jas.. Having 3 dogs in One car is not easy! haha but its so fun! i think meyer looks forward to every sunday  now. tee hee hee.

me and my handsome boy. how can u not love him too. :)

Okay next up. BIRTHDAYS.
duno why got so many the last one month. haha

Poor robin. kena bullied and humiliated by us in school. haha we totally hijacked him in lecture!!

Love these ppl! :)

oh by the way, all the pictures here are taken with my Canon S90. look at the ones below  taken without flash at night. ARE THEY AWESOME OR WHAT! hahaha the focus and the clarity also damn good loh pls. (check out the snoopy pictures and the erotic masssage pictures above and u will know what i mean!)

k back to the point. haha so we went to wavehouse at sentosa.

and i swear their nacho's are heavenly!!!!
omg. must try, or die not trying!!!!  wed got one for one deals btw.. super worth it!! so go try! :)

then it was weesiang's bday! :)
we went Top one. hmm. nv really liked singing outside (cos i think waste money.. haha but i guess its okay once in a while.) and gg with my sec school peeps is usually damn fun. cos we sing westlife till there's no end! hahaha old school fever man.

check out wee's gf. haha all of us happily posing she still singing. O.o haha she's one VERY strange girl. totally freaked jas and i out that night. and i shall not elaborate why. hahaha

Love them too! :)

then quite some time back was shane's bday.
also another time of sabo-ing... surprised him at his place and loads of make up on him. haha

than this was some time back too... the guys waited for me to end work at the IT fair, and we headed down to yellow jello! i realise everytime i hang out with the TMMJ ppl, we always end up at diana's hse for a sleep over. hahaha

and same ppl again.... we wenr rollerblading! (on a few occassion actually)
okay, this was at least a month back. but worth remembering! cos i fell once after saying that i havent fell before during blading. (even ice skating..) but i'm proud to say, i fell once after blading toooo fast down the slope. HEH.

mann... i wish i had another month.. or at least more time before i leave for the US. everyone is busy with their exams etc... by the time they're done, i only have 2 weeks before i leave. and that sucks. i dont have enough time to meet up with my gf, friends and fattty.
oh wells...
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tictok [19. 04. 10|07:01 pm]

Exactly a month before i fly to the US.

and these are the lovely ppl id be staying with. :)
(well, i dont know if they are lovely yet. but they seem like it. haha)

and yes, i know. i look horrible in this photo cos of my ultra blonde hair.but fret not. its blonde no more... i got my hair done again. tee hee hee.

i dont know if i'm excited, scared, nervous, or indifferent over the whole work and travel thingy..i guess i'm just worried.. haha worried about my  family (my mum is gg to be so lonely), meyer (omg, i dont know how he'll deal with such a long seperation. max i've been away from him is like 7day?) , about friends (will they forget me??), and about how things would change(sekali i come back with ang moh husband.. woohoo! haha)... maybe i think too much. i should just go and have fun while i can right..heh. yes i will.! I guess.

so California here i come! :)
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